OREANDA-NEWS. Showtime has posted the trailer for the anthology series Super Pumped on its YouTube channel. The first chapter, titled The Battle For Uber, will be about Uber, the company that created the eponymous mobile taxi ordering app.

The series will be based on American Crime Story, with different seasons focusing on different events, companies and personalities.

The first season is based on the book "The Battle for Uber. How Travis Kalanick Lost the Most Successful Company of the Decade" by journalist Mike Isaak. The authors of the show told the story of the origin of the start-up Uber in 2009, told about a series of scandals associated with the project, and the internal contradictions in the company, which led to the dismissal of CEO Travis Kalanick.

The role of Kalanick will be played by American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("Looping Time", "Life is Beautiful"). The series also stars Uma Thurman, Kyle Chandler, Hank Azaria and others. Brian Koppelman and David Levene ("Billions") served as producers and writers.

The series will premiere on Showtime on February 27, 2022.

In 2017, Kalanick resigned after a letter from investors who said the executive had exposed the company to legal risks and embroiled the taxi service in ethics and legal scandals. Kalanick also resigned from the company's board of directors in December 2019, permanently leaving Uber.