OREANDA-NEWS. To date, a DNA vaccine against cancer has been developed in Belarus. The experimental development began to be tested on patients with a severe form of the disease. Anton Khorov, head of the laboratory of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Oncology and Radiology of Belarus, told «MIR 24» about this.

«The vaccine is used as an adjunct to standard treatment. But then, in the case of complete elimination of tumor foci, patients continue to use only a vaccine that supports the body's systems so that it fights», the specialist says.

According to him, the vaccine has no side effects, it is easily tolerated and enhances the effect of chemotherapy. Also, a positive result from the vaccine is observed in those patients who had malignant tumors. They began to decrease, and some simply disappeared.
Earlier, a Japanese researcher, Doctor of agricultural Sciences Yoichi Fukushima said that green tea is able to prevent the development of many diseases, including stroke and some types of cancer.