OREANDA-NEWS. The coronavirus disappeared in Japan because mutations accumulated in the nsp14 protein of the local «delta» strain, which «spoiled» the infection, said Ancha Baranova, a biologist, professor at the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University. The «corrupted» protein was responsible for COVID's ability to correct it's mutations, but eventually provoked the appearance of derivatives with weakened functions, writes Russian media Lenta.

«Since there was one «delta» in Japan, mutations in the nsp14 protein accumulated in it, according to Japanese colleagues. And this protein determines the ability of the virus to correct mutations. But since nsp14 itself «deteriorated», it could not fix anything, errors began to multiply uncontrollably. And, in the end, the virus came to a sad finish for itself», Baranova explained.

She stressed that Japan, unlike European countries, was dominated exclusively by the «delta» strain of coronavirus. Another reason for the disappearance of COVID in Japan, Baranova called the remoteness of the island and the strict observance by the Japanese of restrictive measures to combat infection. The biologist added that cases of the virus disappearing due to «corrupted» mutations were known before.