OREANDA-NEWS. A study conducted by scientists from South Africa showed that in the body infected with the new strain of the coronavirus "omicron" antibodies are produced that can neutralize the "delta" variant.

The study has not yet been validated and was conducted on a small sample of participants. About 30 people participated in the experiments - both vaccinated against coronavirus and not vaccinated. They were all infected with the omicron.

"The ability to neutralization of the omicron increased 14 times (14 days after the start of the study), demonstrating the development of a humoral immune response to this variant. It is important to note that neutralization of the delta variant of the virus increased 4.4 times," - says the study, which was published on Twitter by a scientist from the African Health Research Institute (AHRI) Alex Sigal.

The scientists noted that increasing resistance to the delta strain in those infected with omicron could "reduce the delta's ability to re-infect."

Researcher Segal emphasized on Twitter that the omicron, according to data from South Africa, is "less virulent." This would help "push the delta out," he suggested.