OREANDA-NEWS The Indian strain of COVID-19 causes a high viral load in the throat faster than usual, so those infected with it can infect others without even knowing that they are infected, which explains the high rate of its spread. This is reported by RND with reference to the chairman of the World Medical Association Frank Ulrich Montgomery.

He noted that due to the rapid spread of this strain of the virus, it is necessary to accelerate vaccination, as well as continue to wear protective masks in public transport, shops and other indoor areas. Montgomery added that these should not be standard medical masks, but at least FFP2 respiratory masks.

In addition, the RND publication states that more than 6.2% of patients with coronavirus in Germany are infected with the Indian strain, also known as the delta variant.

Earlier, a modified Indian strain of COVID-19 was found in Moscow. Research is currently underway on the effectiveness of the Sputnik V domestic vaccine against it.