OREANDA-NEWS. Some foods that are considered healthy may, on the contrary, be harmful. This was stated by the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov on the air of the TV channel "Russia 1".

First of all, the physician appreciated the beneficial properties of hematogen. According to him, today in such bars there is nothing but sugar and fat.

"In my opinion, back in the 50s, all the component of blood and iron was removed from there. Today it is just a delicious candy, just a toffee, bearing the proud historical name" hematogen, "the doctor explained.

Myasnikov also dispelled the myth about the benefits of orange juice: despite the presence of calcium and vitamin C, it contains a large dose of sugar. In addition, there is no fiber in natural juices without pulp. Therefore, the specialist advised eating oranges rather than drinking juice.

As for cottage cheese, it should not be confused with cottage cheese desserts, Myasnikov warned, because such products contain a lot of sugar and milk fat. In addition, the physician did not agree that semolina is useful: because of the large amount of starch in a person, "the sugar level instantly jumps." For a less harmful alternative, he recommended eating oatmeal or buckwheat.