OREANDA-NEWS. Researchers from the African Research Institute of Health (South Africa) found that in patients who had been vaccinated twice with the Pfizer vaccine and had previously had coronavirus, antibodies actively fought the «omicron» strain. However, the drug could not provide full protection of the body, writes Bloomberg.

For two weeks, scientists studied the biomaterials of 12 people infected with a new type of virus. It is noted that the immunity of the control group, although it remained, but significantly decreased. Scientists add that the new strain, although it may partially avoid the action of the drug, but the booster dose should prevent the negative consequences of infection.

The coronavirus strain, designated «omicron» by the World Health Organization (WHO), was detected in November this year in southern Africa. The most widespread new mutation was in South Africa. According to experts, the strain may be more contagious than other variants of the coronavirus.