OREANDA-NEWS. Former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko called «lost vigilance» one of the reasons for the invasion of bedbugs in Russia. In his opinion, insects have flooded the country due to a decrease in the level of household culture, quotes Russian media Sobesednik.ru.

«And now the bedbugs have come. I don't think there are, say, climatic reasons for this. I don't think there are climatic reasons. I'll call it lost vigilance. Previously, bedbugs were fought quite fiercely. And now a generation has grown up who, perhaps, has never seen it in their lives. And bedbugs, like lice, are bloodsuckers who return to people as soon as they lose their vigilance», Onishchenko said.

Onishchenko clarified that he does not see a serious threat from bedbugs yet. However, in his opinion, the invasion of these insects is indirectly connected with the ill-being of Russia.

«Is the current bug invasion connected with some kind of trouble or poverty? Partly. Rather, it is a decrease in the level of household culture and, in particular, unsanitary conditions. Let's call a spade a spade. Well, a decrease in the level of culture is always associated with a decrease in the standard of living», Onishchenko summed up.