OREANDA-NEWS. Revaccination six months after the first vaccination or illness allows you to develop a loading dose of antibodies against coronavirus, allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok told URA.RU.

"If we give the vaccine for the first time, the immune system will produce high levels of antibodies, but they will quickly fall, because the immune system works like that," the doctor said.

The physician explained that without contact with infection, the body spends antibodies, since energy and protein must be expended to preserve them.
"If there is a re-infection or re-contact with the virus during revaccination, then memory cells will come into action," the specialist continued.

He clarified that cellular immunity is long-term and lasts for more than five months.

"And the level of antibodies will be absolutely huge - in my practice there were cases from 2000 to 5600 points per milliliter," added the immunologist.
The physician emphasized that only repeated vaccination gives shock protection against the virus, and that this is the safest way to support the immune system in the fight against infection.

Immunologist, Ph.D. Nikolay Kryuchkov agreed with Bolibok: you can get vaccinated six months after receiving the drug or recovering. In addition, the specialist advised to put a booster dose of the drug in order to restore protection.

"While there is no complete understanding of what level is sufficient to protect the body, so the level of antibodies up to 1000 must be caught up. Protection will be 95%," Kryuchkov summed up.