OREANDA-NEWS. The female body responds better to vaccination. Woman have higher antibody titers, and these titers last longer. This was reported to Ruddian media MIR 24 by the immunologist Vladimir Bolibok.

According to the doctor, the female body produces more antibodies even after the coronavirus. According to him, the ability to better develop immune protection is explained by the influence of female sex hormones. After all, a woman's immunity forms antibodies not only for herself, but also in order to transfer protection to the developing fetus during pregnancy.

However, this feature has a reverse side of the coin — women are more likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases. They often have a failure in the synthesis of antibodies, and the immune system begins to attack itself through antibodies.

Earlier, infectious diseases doctor Svetlana Malinovskaya reported that the number of antibodies developed after vaccination against COVID-19 depends on the level of immunity, the lower it is, the fewer they are. She noted that one cannot hope for antibodies after an illness or vaccination if a person did not take care of his immunity.