OREANDA-NEWS  A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 occurred in the northeast of Japan, the country was declared a tsunami threat. It is reported by the National Meteorological Office.

Experts warned that near Miyagi, near the coast of which tremors were recorded, the tsunami height could reach one meter. In this regard, the population was warned against approaching the coastline. The tremors are known to have been felt by residents of several northeastern and eastern prefectures, including Iwate, Ibaraki, Saitama, Fukushima and Tokyo.

The source of the earthquake is located at a depth of 60 kilometers under the ocean floor. NHK TV noted that due to the seismic event, the authorities have formed an emergency headquarters, while workers at Tokyo Electric Power are investigating whether the earthquake affected the state of the damaged Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant.

Tokyo Electric Power has already reported that the earthquake left at least 200 homes in Miyagi Prefecture without electricity. Due to the seismic event, high-speed trains were stopped in the prefecture. No information has yet been received about the victims.