OREANDA-NEWS. Since last year, cases of simultaneous infection with the influenza virus and the coronavirus have been recorded in different parts of the world, including China, Europe, the United States and Russia. The director of the Research Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections Georgy Vikulov told the radio station "Moscow speaking".

Commenting on reports of the first such case identified in Israel, he stressed that this is "not the first case in the world."

“This information is not true. Cases have already been reported in 2020, when the pandemic was gaining momentum, a whole series of cases in Europe and the United States were described in China. This is not an isolated incident. The combination of influenza plus covid, ARVI plus covid - there are plenty of such cases, infections can be mixed. Such cases are known in Russia, they are described in hospitals, ”the specialist said.

According to him, with such a simultaneous infection, the disease progresses more difficult, with possible consequences. This requires an individual approach to treatment, Vikulov noted.

“Massive therapy is required. When the body is attacked by several pathogens, of course, it is more difficult for it to cope with the infection. Any combined infections are accompanied by a more pronounced intoxication, a longer illness, non-standard individual therapy, taking into account all the characteristics of a person, "he explained.

Earlier, la Repubblica reported that the first case of simultaneous illness of COVID-19 and influenza, dubbed "fluron", was detected in Israel. According to preliminary data, the infected woman was a woman in childbirth who did not have a vaccination. At the moment, the sick woman feels well, doctors are monitoring her condition.