OREANDA-NEWS  Agrarians of the Russian Federation due to the installation of an autopilot system for tractors based on artificial intelligence Cognitive Agro Pilot were able to save up to 5 billion rubles due to the efficient consumption of fuel and agrochemicals, the Interagrotech industry association told RIA Novosti.

In March, the Russian Cognitive Pilot (a subsidiary of Sber and Cognitive Technologies) began installing an AI-based piloting system on Russian-made tractors: in less than two months, by the end of May, more than 100 such systems were installed, and in total 312 tractors were equipped with it from March to November.

"The benefit from using the Cognitive Agro Pilot autopilot for one tractor averaged 2.6 million rubles per year, based on the size of the field of 1 thousand hectares and the width of the gun of 5 meters. Accordingly, taking into account all units of equipment delivered in 2023, the savings amounted to more than 5 billion rubles," the association reported. Experts evaluated the results of work in 17 farms from six regions.

The data obtained take into account savings on resources: fuel, seed, chemicals, and so on; at the same time, the association noted that some opportunities are difficult to assess in monetary terms: for example, reducing the fatigue of the machine operator and saving time, which allows you to complete the work on time, reduce the risks of the weather factor and similar components.

According to the company itself, more than 2.3 million hectares were processed with smart equipment, and this is a "very strong result", since the majority of such machines were able to start work only in the second half of the year, according to Olga Uskova, CEO of Cognitive Pilot.

"With the average size of Russian farms up to 10 thousand hectares, the savings from using Cognitive Agro Pilot for one farm will already amount to tens of millions of rubles. For large farms – billions of rubles," said Natalia Filippova, director of the association. The potential volume of the Russian market of autopilot systems for tractors there is estimated at more than 245 billion rubles.