OREANDA-NEWS  Scientists of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) have developed a mobile furnace for environmentally friendly combustion of solid household waste in villages and suburban settlements, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation told RIA Novosti.

It is planned that the invention will be useful where the construction of incinerators is unprofitable due to the small volume of garbage.

"The uniqueness of the development lies in its mobility. Plus it's really eco-friendly. On its basis, we have developed a method for thermal neutralization of toxic substances that are completely destroyed under the influence of high temperature. A colorless gas comes out of the furnace, and not black smoke, as in some incinerators," said Vasily Semenov, one of the inventors of the furnace, professor of the Department of Rocket Engines at the MAI, on the basis of which the development is being conducted.

The furnace is designed to burn from 3 to 8 cubic meters of solid household waste. The installation provides two cameras of different sizes. Garbage is loaded into a large chamber and burned at a temperature of 600-700 degrees. The remains of the waste, together with the smoke, enter the second compartment, where additional air is supplied and where complete combustion already takes place. At the same time, the temperature in the furnace increases to 1200 degrees, which within a few seconds leads to the neutralization of toxic substances.

"Seven hundred degrees is enough to burn any organic matter. However, the fire will not take metal products, and after the completion of the procedure they will still have to be sent to the landfill in the usual way," Semenov said.
It is assumed that the mobile oven will be delivered to the village by a special truck. After the garbage disposal process is completed, the truck will be able to go to the next settlement. This is much more practical compared to a conventional garbage truck, which constantly has to return to the landfill due to the limited volume of the container.
The furnace can run on both diesel fuel and kerosene. The invention of MAI scientists can also be used for the disposal of toxic substances in chemical industries.