OREANDA-NEWS. Entrepreneur Elon Musk, who owns stakes in SpaceX and Tesla, has again criticized the proposal for a "tax on billionaires" in the United States and said that he plans to spend his money on bringing humanity to Mars.

The Washington Post journalist Christian Davenport wrote on Twitter that if the US Congress proposed a "tax on billionaires" proposed by the Democrats in the US Congress, Musk and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would be enough to fund a mission to send a man to Mars.

"My plan is to use the money to bring humanity to Mars and keep the mind glowing," Musk wrote on Twitter.

This week, Musk's fortune, according to Forbes, approached $ 300 billion, he became the richest man in the world on the growth of shares of his Tesla company.

Among the proposals of the Democrats, who are discussing new trillions of injections into the economy, is to introduce a special tax on the super-rich when their growth is taxed. Now the American billionaires, of whom there are more than 700, pay taxes at a rate significantly lower than that of ordinary Americans. Their assets are not taxed until they are sold. At the same time, billionaires can easily borrow money for living from banks on the security of their property - these loans are also not taxed, since they are not income. The entire scheme usually ends with the death of the billionaire and a tax-free transfer of a significant portion of his assets to his heirs.

The tax proposed by the Democrats has not yet been spelled out in the legislation. In particular, it is not clear how to measure the year-to-year changes in the value of the wealthy's many assets, such as land, real estate, luxury goods and art.