OREANDA-NEWS. With the disease of a new strain of coronavirus Omicron, a skin rash may appear, reports Live 24. It was identified by scientists at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with specialists from King's College London. It was the rash that turned out to be the most popular symptom of the new coronavirus mutation.

It occurs more often on the fingers and toes, and young people may have red and purple bumps on their fingers, similar to the effects of frostbite. They don't itch, but they hurt a lot. In some cases, the rash suddenly appeared and disappeared. It usually appeared at the beginning of the disease, but could remain after recovery.

Doctors also found that the rash may be similar to traces of sweating and chickenpox: small reddened bumps, itching all the time.

Specialists of the British company ZOE studied the symptoms of COVID-19 in patients with omicron and other strains, and found that there is no fundamental difference in symptoms between different variants of infection. A significant increase in body temperature, loss of sense of smell and taste, cough — these are the key symptoms that are observed in more than half of those infected with any strains of coronavirus.

Later it turned out that omicron is characterized by such an unpleasant feature as a headache. In addition, patients with omicron often have a severe runny nose. According to the chairman of the South African Medical Association, Angelika Kutsee, the first people with omicron had a symptom such as a sore throat.