OREANDA-NEWS. Certain foods, including fatty sea fish and nuts, can improve psychological well-being. This was told on Thursday, January 13, by nutritionist Svetlana Fus in an interview with People's News.

According to her, fish contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, which can relieve symptoms of depression and relieve anxiety. In addition, as the doctor assured, such fish should be consumed twice a week. However, preference should be given to anchovies, sardines, herring and salmon, the nutritionist explained.

Nuts will also help to cope with anxiety. Fus, in particular, noted walnuts, which contain the most nerve-calming substances.

On December 28, dietitian Tatyana Razumovskaya reported that vitamin B7 (biotin) contained in pistachios helps proteins to be easily absorbed and promotes fat burning. At the same time, with a deficiency in the body of this vitamin, the quality of hair and skin deteriorates noticeably, and a depressive mood appears.

Earlier, in April 2021, nutritionists said that stressed people often tend to overeat. In times of stress and emotional hunger, experts advise giving preference to healthy light snacks. These include fruits, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, homemade popcorn, natural Greek yogurt.