OREANDA-NEWS  At the AI Journey 2023 international conference on artificial intelligence, the CEO of Sberbank Denis Filippov and the Director of Digital Channel Development of Alfa-Bank Damir Battulin signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of exploring the possibilities and application of generative models, in particular, the GigaChat artificial intelligence system in the banking sector.

"Generative artificial intelligence is certainly a new driver of economic growth. We see many successful industrial business cases where the capabilities of the GigaChat service are used, and our task is to make sure that there are as many such examples as possible. The partnership with Alfa-Bank is a big step towards affordable generative AI in the banking sector. I am sure that together we will be able to find new growth points and formats for the use of generative models that allow us to automate banking business processes, increase employee efficiency and create a qualitatively new customer experience," Filippov said.

Within the framework of the partnership, it is planned to conduct joint research and activities to assess the effectiveness of implementing the generative GigaChat model in Alfa-Bank's business processes. As well as exploring the potential of developing services for communicating with customers and working out other possible cross-activities using the capabilities of GigaChat in the bank.

"We at Alfa-Bank always use advanced analytics in our activities and see a huge potential for the development of generative models not only in the financial sector. We are pleased to be the first partner of Sberbank among banks and large technology companies, jointly develop breakthrough technology and integrate GigaChat into the bank's business processes. We are confident that this partnership will help to integrate LLM as soon as possible and will significantly increase the efficiency of processes both in banks and in the economy as a whole," Battulin said.