OREANDA-NEWS.  Ukrainian doctors are sounding the alarm: oxygen supplies in hospitals are on the verge, several clinics have already faced the need to take patients to other medical facilities.

Ukraine, at first glance, is simply out of luck. In October, the statistics of COVID-19 infections went up sharply. If on October 1, 12,6 thousand new cases were recorded, then in the 20th the daily increase exceeded 23 thousand.

In addition, the number of deaths from coronavirus is significantly higher than at the end of last year with a comparable increase in cases: the daily maximum for October 2020 - 173 deaths, for October 2021 - 732. This is an absolute anti-record since the beginning of the pandemic, almost 60% more than in April 2021, during a string of previous anti-records.

The simple conclusion: if there are more deaths, it means more and more severe cases requiring hospital treatment. And so it is. If in April the occupancy of covid places was 58-60%, now it is on average 66%, and in a number of densely populated regions of the South-East of Ukraine it is significantly exceeded.

So, in Kherson, on October 18, hospitals reached 100 percent occupancy, starting to deliver the sick to regional hospitals.

And then, against the backdrop of peak oxygen demand, two producing medical oxygen plants stopped at once. «Linde Gas Ukraine» is, for example, the largest supplier.