OREANDA-NEWS. Pfizer and Biotech have reported that their COVID-19 vaccine is 100% effective in protecting children 12-15 years old. The results of the research will be provided to the United States and other countries for vaccination of children over 12 years old. This is reported in a joint press release on the BioNTech company's website.

The companies stated that they had concluded about the effectiveness of the vaccine based on the observation of participants in the third phase of clinical trials, in which more than 2.2 thousand children participated. All 30 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were reported among children who were given a placebo. «This confirms the 100% effectiveness of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine», the document says.

Earlier, Roszdravnadzor granted Pfizer permission to conduct clinical trials in the Russian Federation on the effectiveness of a new drug for the Paxlovid coronavirus. The company stated that the drug is able to reduce the risks of hospitalization and death by 89%. Infectious disease doctor Ekaterina Solovyova called the trials of the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer in Russian hospitals «the most humane and democratic solution to the issue».