OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the government and companies with state participation to actively develop work on the development of high-tech.  The president curled about this after the ceremony of exchange of signed agreements of intent between the Cabinet and large companies for the development of high-tech areas.

 He noted that global competition has already begun for the possession of relevant competencies.  Therefore, the head of state stressed the importance of guaranteeing Russia “technological sovereignty and a worthy place among the leading players in promising new markets.”

 “I count on the fact that the maps are maps (road), the accounting department is accounting, and the work should be developed right now without stopping,” he stressed.  Putin noted that the country has real chances to advance in all directions - "both schools are good, and brains are well-adjusted, starting from childhood in special schools - everything exists."

 According to Putin, he well knows that memorandums and similar protocols are considered “preliminary documents”.  “In our case, a completely different story - we have no time to smell the topic, the problem, we need to work right now,” the head of state emphasized.