OREANDA-NEWS   In Africa, there is an increase in demand for launch services, in this regard, Roscosmos has proposals to states located near the equator, the head of the state corporation Yuri Borisov told the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

"We are trying to meet this demand (for launch services - IF) with a certain kind of proposals. These are countries that are close to the equator, which have fields of falling into the ocean so as not to pose a security threat," he said.

According to him, the demand for launch services is growing, and the geographical location of the African continent near the equator gives certain advantages.

Earlier in the day, Borisov called the discussion of the construction of a cosmodrome in Africa by Roscosmos premature.

He said that Russia is ready to cooperate with Africa in space on equal mutually beneficial terms and the first step of cooperation will be the creation of the necessary regulatory framework.

On June 25, Borisov said that Roscosmos will conclude a full-scale cooperation agreement with African countries, its signing will take place in July at the Russia-Africa forum.