OREANDA-NEWS. The Main Radio Frequency Center (GRFC), subordinate to Roskomnadzor, plans to launch an Oculus system for searching for illegal content in images and videos on the Internet in 2022. It will be based on artificial intelligence( AI), which will make it possible to more effectively combat the spread of calls for suicide and mass riots, drugs and other things in the Network. This is what Kommersant writes about.

The publication refers to the tender, which the GRCC posted on the public procurement portal on September 15. The tender cost is 15 million rubles. The agency justified the need to involve AI in the work by the fact that photos and videos have a more effective effect on human consciousness.

For example, posts with photos and videos are 2.3 times more likely to attract the attention of users on Facebook, the documents say. In addition, the number of consumers of such information is also growing — since 2018, the number of monthly TikTok users, for example, has increased by 800%.

In June, the HRCC proposed to legalize access to pornography through the portal of public services. The authorities proposed to divide the explicit content into two groups:" not prohibited by law "pornography and"illegal". Experts referred to the experience of some countries, in particular Germany, where explicit materials are divided into two types: relatively permissible and illegal.

Also, the structure of Roskomnadzor proposed to oblige gaming platforms to store the data of their users. According to experts, some games actually become social networks, which "may lead to the risk of using the game space for the purposes of agitation and the spread of extremism."

In addition, the GRCC proposed to establish the legal status of the game currency, the so-called loot boxes (paid boxes with random content), streaming platforms and payments from users.