OREANDA-NEWS  Researchers from Russia have created a two-layer coating based on tantalum and tantalum oxide, which makes it possible to increase the strength of implants and other titanium products by more than two dozen times. This was announced on Friday by the press service of the Russian Science Foundation.

"The formation of tantalum-containing coatings with superhard inclusions on titanium products for restorative medicine will improve their quality and efficiency of application. In the near future, there is also a complex task to expand the range of sprayed materials, in particular niobium and molybdenum," said Alexander Fomin, head of the Department of Saratov State Technical University, whose words are quoted by the press service of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Doctors often have to use various metal or polymer structures as implants that help bones maintain the correct shape during recovery after fractures, as well as during a number of other surgical and medical procedures. Sometimes such structures remain inside the patient's body throughout life, which in some cases causes inflammation and other problems.

Many of these problems with the biocompatibility of implants are associated with the gradual destruction of the material under the influence of loads and constant contact with body tissues. For this reason, researchers are developing coatings that increase the strength of implants and protect them from aggressive factors.