OREANDA-NEWS Russia has created the latest aviation meteor radar "Meteor" for helicopters and turboprop aircraft to replace imported ones and surpassing them in its characteristics, it is being prepared for testing, said the general director of Navigator (developer) Sergey Baburov.

Meteorological radar station "Meteor" will be shown for the first time at the military-technical forum "Army-2023", which will be held in the Patriot Park near Moscow on August 14-20.

"Our station has a number of competitive advantages and is fundamentally superior to foreign similar products. It has a great energy potential, providing an excellent detection range for typical targets, can see wind shifts and turbulence, which is a unique functionality in the class of light monoblock radars," Baburov said, quoted by the company's press service.

The new MRLS makes it possible to detect dangerous weather formations that may affect flight safety, identify ground objects for navigation purposes and small objects against the background of the surface (power transmission poles, life rafts on the water, and others).

The weather radar can be installed on helicopters and turboprop aircraft, including Mi-8/17 family helicopters (all modifications), LMS-901 "Baikal" aircraft, TVRS-44, Il-112.

At the moment, Meteor is preparing for factory tests. The company's designers are considering the possibility of expanding the functionality of the product. In particular, the introduction of a synthesized aperture mode, the use of double polarization to determine the nature of weather formations and the underlying surface.