OREANDA-NEWS. World and European champion in rhythmic gymnastics Tatyana Druchinina, mother of 29-year-old Russian figure skater Artur Dmitriev, commented on her son's decision to pursue a professional career under the US flag. According to Druchinina, it is too early to say that Dmitriev will become a member of the US national team, since it still needs to be selected on a general basis.

“To say that Arthur will compete with the leaders of the US team is premature. The selection for the national American team, as in Russia, is carried out based on the results of the national championship. You still need to qualify for it. So far, we can only talk about the son's desire to continue doing what he loves. We are not even talking about finding sponsors, everything is so premature.

I will support any of his decisions. This is my son and I love him very much. It seems to me that it's great when an athlete tries to go his own way in figure skating at an age when many are already retiring. He is supported by his wife, a former figure skater from Chelyabinsk, where Arthur is now training, "RIA Novosti Sport quotes Druchinina as saying.

Olympic silver medalist in ice dancing, choreographer and producer Ilya Averbukh commented on the decision of 29-year-old Russian figure skater Artur Dmitriev to pursue a professional career under the US flag.

“I have great respect for Artur Dmitriev Sr., our two-time Olympic champion. He is an outstanding athlete and a very great coach. I wish him successful couples to appear on his coaching path. As for Arthur Jr., he is also a great fellow. He fought for a long time, competed, but objectively talking about continuing his career at 29 is not a serious conversation.

Of course, going to the United States is his choice. He trains, but it is illogical to say that in the modern world it is possible to restart a career at that age without having achieved particularly great results. It's almost impossible. I think he has no professional prospects in the USA. This story is rather just for the soul, for convenience. News feed of one day, no more, ”Sport24 quotes Averbukh.