OREANDA-NEWS. The chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko called the situation with the coronavirus in Russia close to critical.

"It is very tense in infectious mono-hospitals now. There are many patients. This is not surprising with such a low level of vaccination!"

Protsenko explained that a large number of patients in intensive care is associated with the spread of the delta strain, which the current treatment algorithms do not cope with at the proper level.

He advised to get vaccinated as soon as possible, undergo timely diagnostics at the first symptoms of the disease and take precautions - first of all, wear masks in public places.

“Colleagues, doctors, I am addressing you too, let's start talking frankly and beautifully with our compatriots.

The total number of infected people for the entire time of the pandemic in Russia reached 7,892,980. Worldwide, according to the latest WHO data, there are 238.5 million infected. More than 4.8 million patients could not be saved. The most difficult situation is in the USA, India, Brazil and Great Britain. Russia ranks fifth in this list.

In some regions of Russia, mandatory vaccination against coronavirus is introduced for certain categories of citizens. In addition, sanitary measures for staying in public places are being tightened - QR-codes are being introduced for visiting cafes, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment establishments.