OREANDA-NEWS. The lack of protein in food makes it difficult to lose weight, said Zukhra Pavlova, Ph.D., endocrinologist.

She cited the example of a patient who ate breakfast porridge in water with butter. With a general decrease in weight due to exercise and medication, the fat mass in the woman's body only increased, and the muscle mass decreased. According to the doctor, this was due to a lack of protein foods.

"If you don't want eggs, eat cottage cheese, don't want cottage cheese - eat a piece of boiled chicken. And only in addition to them - a little porridge, literally 4-5 tablespoons without the top of the finished product," the specialist wrote in her Telegram channel.

Pavlova notes that it will not be possible to lose weight on cereals, so it is better to replace them with vegetables or fruits.

Earlier, Andrey Bobrovsky, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Nutritionist, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of St. Petersburg State University, named common mistakes that people make when trying to get rid of extra pounds. Among them - ignorance of the true energy value of products, a quick transition to a radically new diet, as well as the desire to lose weight solely through physical activity.