OREANDA-NEWS Scientists from Saratov State University (SSU) - named after Nikolay Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky - say that at present, iron oxide nanoparticles in magnetite modification can be used as safe MRI agents in the complex solution of therapeutic and diagnostic problems.In their study, university specialists subjected selected nanoparticles to heat treatment. This did not affect the fundamental properties of magnetite. On the contrary, through heating, the particles gained additional functional properties, namely luminescence in the ultraviolet [between visible light and X-rays] region - in other words, they glowed. Their research was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Materials Letters.According to the authors, the luminescent-magnetic structures with MRI contrast properties presented in the published work open new prospects for MRI diagnostic imaging, as they not only improve the quality of the MRI scanning, but also provide a means of marking diseased areas in the body.The researchers noted that they are now testing luminescent magneto-sensitive structures as a contrast agent in MRI scanning.The area of this study is carried out as part of the Saratov State University strategic project 'Technologies of Personalized Medicine' within the framework of the 'Priority 2030' state program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.