OREANDA-NEWS  Samsung Corporation indirectly confirmed the release of smartphones with built-in support for artificial intelligence (AI). This is reported by the Dutch edition of GalaxyClub.

The portal's journalists drew attention to the trademarks that the company has registered in a number of countries, including South Korea and the UK. The corporation has issued the rights to the AI Phone and AI Smartphone brands — "Phone with AI" and "Smartphone with AI", respectively.

According to experts, this may indirectly hint that the corporation is preparing to release devices with built-in AI. In addition, Samsung will present not only smartphones, but also regular phones with support for this function.

The article says that the concept of "smartphone with AI" hides a device equipped with an application with support for neural networks or artificial intelligence, which could fulfill various user requests. Most likely, AI commands will be processed by a smartphone processor without an internet connection.

Samsung has also registered the product names Magic Pixel, Flex Magic and Flex Magic Pixel, but their purpose is not disclosed.

In early November, insiders said that future Samsung smartphones will receive built-in AI support. Most likely, the first such devices will be devices of the Galaxy S24 series, the announcement of which will take place on January 17.