OREANDA-NEWS. Wearing masks is the single most effective public health measure in the fight against coronavirus, reducing the incidence by 53%, according to the results of an international study.

Scientists from different countries, including the UK, Australia and China, conducted six studies to examine how mask wearing, social distancing and other public health measures affect the global incidence of COVID-19.

"The pooled overall analysis showed a 53% reduction in the incidence of COVID-19, although the difference between the results of the individual studies was significant," said a report published Thursday in the scientific journal British Medical Journal.

More than 400 thousand people took part in the studies, of which more than 2.5 thousand were sick with coronavirus at the time of their conduct.

Despite their safety and effectiveness, the scientists said, most coronavirus vaccines do not provide 100% protection, so along with vaccination programs, you must continue to wear masks, maintain social distance and wash your hands.

As noted by the Guardian newspaper, this is the first international study of its kind.

Scientists remind that in addition to wearing masks and maintaining social distance, for the most reliable protection against coronavirus, it is necessary to be vaccinated.