OREANDA-NEWS Astronomers from around the world are struggling in search of planets that could replace humanity's home planet. And now, new research by scientists shows that some exoplanets may have even better living conditions than Earth itself.

“This is an amazing conclusion. iit shows us that the conditions on some exoplanets with favorable ocean circulation patterns could be better adapted to maintain a life that is more numerous and more active than life on Earth,” said lead researcher Dr. Stephanie Olson.

The Olson's team simulated probable living conditions on various types of exoplanets using the ROCKE-3-D software developed by the Space Research Institute named after Goddard at NASA, to model the climatic and oceanic habitats of various types of exoplanets. As a result of the data, a team of scientists was able to determine which types of exoplanets have better chances than Earth to develop and maintain a prosperous life.