OREANDA-NEWS. State Duma Deputy Vasily Vlasov proposed to provide a 50% discount on public transport to those who were vaccinated.

As the parliamentarian noted, in connection with the new aggravation of the situation with coronavirus in Russia, non-working days were announced at the federal level from October 30 to November 7.

Also, the authorities of the subjects decided to restrict the work of many commercial and state enterprises and institutions. Moreover, federal and regional authorities develop and implement measures to support citizens in order to stimulate the passage of the vaccination procedure.

The parliamentarian is sure that for tens of millions of citizens a 50% discount on public transport could be a significant incentive to get vaccinated. In addition, it could reduce the risk of spreading the disease in public transport, Vlasov summed up.

On October 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the need to increase the rate of vaccination and urged Russians to be vaccinated more actively. He noted that the vaccine significantly reduces the risks of illness or serious complications after illness, as well as the threat of death.

Regions of the country have decided to introduce a number of measures that stimulate citizens to vaccinate.