OREANDA-NEWS Experts have named the best wireless headphones that are optimal for joggers. The devices are characterized by high sound quality, ergonomic shape and reliability.

One of the best headphones is the Jaybird Run. The wireless gadget has an excellent design, good sound quality and a capacious battery that will provide hours of battery life. The device costs 180 dollars. Experts called AfterShokz, which can transmit sound through the cheekbones, as a good enough instance for running. A feature of this device is the ability to hear the environment, which makes walking safer.

Also on the list are the highest quality and lightest Aeropex wireless headphones. The manufacturer claims that this gadget has no competitors in the market, and the cost of the device is $160. Apple was one of the first to launch a unique device that made wireless brands popular. Airpods is almost a standard of quality and reliability, and thanks to a special case, the user will always have a charged device.

The last instance in the list of the best running headphones for experts called SoundSport Free. This device positions itself as very convenient and reliable. In addition, the device is waterproof and has good sound quality. All these characteristics make it possible to use it even at high physical loads without the risk of breakage.