OREANDA-NEWS. Yekaterina Serebrennikova, consultant of the digital medical service Doctor Nearby, general practitioner, told Izvestia how the symptoms differ in cases of illness with strains of the Delta and Omicron coronavirus.

According to the specialist, the symptoms of Omicron, like those of other strains, may seem like typical manifestations of ARVI: weakness, increased fatigue, high body temperature, headaches, decreased appetite.

“So far, there is very little data on Omicron and it is not entirely clear what the typical symptoms will be for him and whether he will cause a severe course of the disease. For example, strains "Delta" and "Alpha" were characterized by high fever (above 38 degrees) and dry cough. So far, Omicron is more infectious and spreads faster than Delta, ”Serebrennikova said.

If you find these symptoms in yourself, the first thing you need to do is take a PCR test or an express test, and then consult a doctor. People over 60 years old should immediately call a doctor for any signs of respiratory infections, the doctor emphasized.

According to Serebrennikova, vaccination is still the main prevention of COVID-19.

“If the terms of revaccination are suitable for you, then it is necessary to do it. It is revaccination that is an additional enhancement to protect the body from the severe course of the disease. The remaining methods remain: wearing masks in public places, avoiding large crowds, personal hygiene and hand washing, ”the doctor concluded.