OREANDA-NEWS. Children under the age of one year and those who have non-infectious chronic diseases are most susceptible to postcoid syndrome. General practitioner Yekaterina Serebrennikova said this, Gazeta.ru reports.

According to the physician, people, including children, with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the immune system and diabetes mellitus are most affected by the consequences of COVID-19. In addition, obesity and diseases of the respiratory system can be the reason for the occurrence of postcoid syndrome.

Serebrennikova stressed that only a doctor can determine the presence of the consequences of the transferred coronavirus in children. “Therefore, parents should not try to act on their own - it can be harmful. First of all, listen to the doctor, find out the trajectory of treatment, and only then act, ”the doctor said.

Earlier, the infectious disease specialist Pozdnyakov called a dangerous manifestation of postcoid syndrome in children. According to him, weeks after recovery, minors may develop a multisystem syndrome.

Infectious disease doctor, chief physician of Invitro-Siberia, Andrei Pozdnyakov, said that the latest outbreaks of coronavirus infection showed that children, as well as adults, began to get sick more often and more severely. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

The scientist said that unpleasant consequences, such as multisystem inflammatory syndrome, can be seen in children weeks after recovery. “It's most possible, AIM in children is a variant of cytokine storm, but it does not discover itself during, but 1-4 weeks after the disease,” he said.

Pozdnyakov added that most often COVID-19 itself in such children proceeded in a mild or "subclinical form." The doctor added that a possible reason for its development is the body's hyperimmune response to infection, only, in comparison with adult patients, delayed in time.