OREANDA-NEWS. Vaccination, in particular against COVID-19, during a cold, or after contact with a sick person can lead to an exacerbation of chronic, latent diseases and a hyperimmune reaction. Zoya Skorpileva, an immunologist, candidate of medical sciences, spoke about this in an interview with URA.RU.

“In an acute period, in principle, it is impossible to do any vaccinations, not only against COVID-19, because we do not know whether they can synergize (strengthen, - approx. URA.RU), or vice versa antagonize (fight) with each other, so it can the condition will worsen, the immunity for this vaccination will not be developed, ”explained Zoya Skorpileva.

According to the immunologist, vaccination cannot be carried out, even if there was contact with the patient. “Vaccination should not take place, even if you were in contact with a sick person, because you may be in the incubation period, and against the background of vaccination, the disease may begin to progress much more severely, some complications may arise, some chronic diseases or latent pathologies may become active. that you were not aware of and would never have occurred, a hyperimmune reaction can also occur. Therefore, you need to wait at least two weeks, get better and get vaccinated, "added Skorpileva.

General practitioner, therapist Larisa Alekseeva agreed with her. “There is a contraindication not only for vaccination against coronavirus, but also for any vaccination - the presence of fever, the presence of an acute respiratory disease. A person is already sick, here you can even achieve a cytokine storm in general. When a vaccine is given, the immune response is exacerbated, and with additional inflammation, it will not be as strong, since the immune system is busy fighting another virus. You need to be vaccinated against COVID when you are relatively healthy, ”explained Alekseeva.