OREANDA-NEWS. The stabilization of the situation with the coronavirus in the Russian Federation should not be expected until mid-late August, and the fourth place in terms of incidence in the world is not the limit, says infectious disease doctor Evgeny Timakov.

Russia is in fourth place in terms of the number of cases of coronavirus infection, according to statistics on the WHO website, and in fifth place, according to Johns Hopkins University.

"The situation in Russia now with coronavirus infection is extremely tense, and the fact that the fourth place is, I'm afraid that this is not the limit in terms of incidence," Timakov told RIA Novosti.

He added that the reason for such an increase is multifactorial - this is the relaxation of the population, and disbelief in the virus, and mistrust of vaccination, and anti-vaccination campaigns that are going on not only within the country, but also from abroad in relation to Russian vaccines, and the illiteracy of doctors, and non-compliance with Rospotrebnadzor regulations, unwillingness to get vaccinated after illness. The infectious disease specialist added that Russians fly abroad and bring various new mutations, and the virus also mutates inside the country where a large number of the population is concentrated.

He noted that when the "delta" strain came to the Russian Federation, most of the population was not ready to meet with it, and with a high probability it would be sick with this strain.

"There is a chance for those who were sick before or were vaccinated, if you do a revaccination, then they will be protected two weeks after vaccination, but there are not so many people who are ready to be vaccinated after an illness, and those who were vaccinated for the first time, he was not sick before, he will receive immunity only a month and a half after vaccination, so we will not stabilize the situation in any way until mid-late August, "Timakov said.