ИА «Ореанда-Новости». The level of antibodies to the coronavirus falls fastest in people with weak immunity and chronic diseases, said Svetlana Malinovskaya, an infectious disease specialist and head of the department of rehabilitation treatment of the Vidnovskaya RCB. She clarified that elderly people most often become such patients, informs Radio 1.

«In fact, antibodies decrease faster in the elderly, they have weak immunity and an immune response to vaccination. They also get sick harder, and those who have concomitant diseases», Malinovskaya explained.

She added that the severe course of the disease is not a guarantee of a large number of antibodies. According to her, even with the asymptomatic course of the coronavirus, a sufficient number of antibodies can be produced that will linger in the body for a long time.

Earlier, a joint study of the Kirov Military Medical Academy and the Helix Laboratory Service revealed new factors affecting the level of antibodies to COVID-19. So, it decreases most rapidly in young men, and persists longer in older people. Severe course, excess weight, together with a high percentage of lung damage, allow you to develop immunity faster and better. Experts believe that testosterone can reduce the production of antibodies.