OREANDA-NEWS   Roscosmos of the Russian Federation announced the launch date of the Luna-25 automatic station with the Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket with the Fregat upper stage: August 11, 2023. This launch will be an important event in the exploration of the Moon and will be the first such project in the modern history of Russia.

The Luna-25 automatic station will go to the Earth's natural satellite with the main purpose of collecting and analyzing data on the soil and upper layers of regolith The moon. This is of particular interest to scientists and specialists, as the study of the lunar soil can reveal many secrets and help expand our knowledge about the origin of the Moon and its evolution.

It is interesting to note that the Luna-25 station will land in the near-polar region of the Moon with a difficult terrain. This choice is not accidental, since such places will provide scientists with the most complete information about the composition of the lunar soil and its characteristics. Thanks to the improved According to the station's technologies, significant progress is planned in the field of lunar science and further development of Russia's space research program.

Roscosmos specialists emphasize that the operation of the Luna-25 station will be an important step in the development of resources and long-term planning. The results of the lunar soil study will have an impact on a variety of fields, including science, technology and economics.

The launch of the Luna-25 automatic station testifies to Russia's desire to restore its leadership in the space industry and demonstrate the latest technologies and capabilities.