OREANDA-NEWS. Scientists are increasingly referring to COVID-19 as the disease of aging - this infection triggered the first epidemic in history, which is highly dependent on age. This explanation was given at the conference "Forming an environment for active longevity in Russia" by Olga Tkacheva, the chief freelance geriatrician of the Ministry of Health, Izvestia reports.

Population aging has now become a global trend, the fastest growing populations are populations of older people, Tkacheva noted.

According to her, the fastest growing is the population of people over 80 years old. She clarified that the coronavirus in the elderly passes into a long post-ovid syndrome and thereby accelerates the aging process.

According to the expert, the new strain of COVID-19 is dangerous for the elderly with its speed of spread.

Earlier, Tatyana Solomatina, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, proposed making mandatory vaccination against coronavirus for Russians over 60 years old. In her opinion, compulsory vaccination should be in Russia, while it is important to stimulate citizens to be vaccinated.

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