OREANDA-NEWS. Przhevalsky's horse and 10 other animals are recognized as «probably disappeared» from the territory of Russia. This is reported by the Russian media «Kommersant» on Thursday, September 2, with reference to the data of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.

Among others, the agency attributed such animals as the red-legged ibis, black-bellied capercaillie, Yankovsky's bunting, monk seal and kulan to the zero category of rarity. The development of industry, the growth of cities and the pollution of nature contribute to the reduction of the range of many animals, the publication notes. Meanwhile, the Red Book of the Russian Federation lists 443 objects of the animal world and 676 plant species that are threatened with extinction.

In early August, amendments to the federal laws «On Wildlife» and «On Hunting and on the Conservation of Hunting Resources and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation» came into force in Russia. It follows that the extraction of rare animals listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation is now allowed in exceptional cases, in particular, for monitoring and regulating their numbers, protecting public health or eliminating threats to human life. The Ministry of Natural Resources explained that hunting is not included in the list of exceptional cases in which the extraction of animals from the Red Book is permissible.