OREANDA-NEWS The “Izvestia” newspaper reported this On July 20  with reference to the database of the DLBI data leak intelligence and monitoring service.

According to the publication, this database contains information about the amount and date of the transaction, e-mail, the first six and last four digits of the card number, the payment system, the issuing bank, as well as the validity period of the card.

It is also indicated that the founder of DLBI Ashota Hovhannisyan clarified that about 15 Telegram channels related to information security have reposted the message about the leak of the database.

At the same time, he clarified that on the afternoon of July 19, the specified database was still available for download and added that the ownership of the information to the SMS-activate service is confirmed by the content of the file itself.

In addition, the expert noted that, most likely, the leak could have occurred due to the location of the log file in the public domain among other information on the site and its availability via a direct link.

In addition, Hovhannisyan added that the file contains more than 163 thousand unique email addresses of clients, at the same time, of which only about 50 thousand are valid.