OREANDA-NEWS. Coronavirus leads to vascular lesions, like any acute infectious disease, said cardiovascular surgeon, phlebologist, candidate of medical Sciences Sergey Drobiazgo to the Russian media Pravda.Ru. The risk of venous thrombosis, heart attack and stroke increases.

«This is a universal mechanism of the body's response to an infection, especially one that proceeds as acutely as a coronavirus infection. Doctors in hospitals and intensive care units are well acquainted with such a pathological mechanism in which it is no longer a virus, not an infection that damages the vascular bed, but their own body due to circulating antibodies. Due to the circulating substances of acute inflammation, there is acute damage to the vascular bed», Drobiazgo said.

He added that vaccination and revaccination can protect against such consequences. Drobiazgo also warned against self-use of anticoagulants: «it is too powerful, there is a risk of bleeding». The doctor explained that medical recommendations are based on big data, doctors can assess the potential benefits and potential risks.

Meanwhile, a new maximum of COVID-19 infections has been recorded in Russia. Over the past day, the number of new cases has reached 37,930, 1069 people have died from coronavirus.