OREANDA-NEWS. Diamonds - "chameleons" - the rarest and not fully understood phenomenon, and now these unusual stones have added a new mystery to researchers. "Chameleons" are found in selected deposits, in particular in Australia, and are distinguished by gray, blue or olive colors. Previously, it was believed that they can change their color when heated or when the light changes, but a diamond recently discovered by experts turned the idea of ​​these stones upside down.

Researcher Stephanie Persoud of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) was evaluating diamonds for customers and discovered an unusual stone - a "chameleon" diamond, which changes color when cooled strongly. According to the Daily Mail, it is not enough to take this stone outside on a frosty morning for it to change color, it requires liquid nitrogen and cooling to minus 196 degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, the stone changes color from gray to light yellow.

In the course of a routine operation, which are carried out with all the diamonds found, the scientist accidentally noticed that the heavily cooled diamond had changed color.

The phenomenon of "chameleon" diamonds was first described in 1866 by Georges Halfen, a Parisian gem merchant, but the nature of this feature is still a mystery to scientists. The main reason for the lack of information is the rarity of such stones in nature, and an even bigger problem is obtaining a sample for research.

Experts believe that the newly discovered diamond by the GIA will be very expensive, but even its approximate price is still unknown. The discovery will be discussed next week at a meeting of the American Geological Society in Oregon.