OREANDA-NEWS Even edible mushrooms may contain substances that are dangerous to health, said gastroenterologist Ekaterina Kashu. She called the unexpected danger of edible mushrooms in an interview.

According to her, mushrooms growing near busy highways or in city parks may contain heavy metal salts or toxic chemicals that lead to poisoning. Syroezhki, piglets, buttermilk and mosses accumulate radioactive cesium quite intensively, the doctor said, mercury may be in porcini mushrooms and champignons, and copper may be in black grapes.

In addition, she continued Porridge, old mushrooms can be dangerous. "When the mushroom enters the stage of maturity, harmful substances begin to form in it. It is not healthy to eat such mushrooms in raw or insufficiently heat—treated form," the gastroenterologist said. Old mushrooms may also contain insect larvae, fungi and pathogenic microorganisms — E. coli, staphylococci, enterococci, streptococci and others.