OREANDA-NEWS. Russian scientists have been denied access to some major scientific installations in France and Germany, Gazeta.Ru reports. One of these is the most powerful laser facility in Europe LULI2000, said Sergey Pikuz, head of laboratories at the Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences and at MEPhI.

Access to a specific LULI2000 installation at Ecole Polytechnique is now really closed to us. Moreover, apparently, the ban applies not only to employees of Russian institutions, but also to Russian citizens in general. The decision is long-term, I would not expect the removal of restrictions in the next few years, unfortunately. It was a very important research point for us,” he said.

Pikuz also called the critical situation with the German partners, who canceled all experiments with the participation of Russian scientists, despite the long-term participation of the Russian Federation in the creation and financing of experimental complexes. The Helmholtz Association forbids employees to maintain contacts and agree on new experiments with scientists from Russian organizations, the physicist noted.

And some German scientists are forbidden to publish articles in collaboration with colleagues from Russian institutes.

Earlier, Chinese scientists - partners of the Russian Academy of Sciences put on pause cooperation with Russian colleagues in joint development. President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev noted difficulties with international cooperation due to the negative attitude of the West to any contacts with the Russian Federation.