OREANDA-NEWS. The classic form of collective immunity in Russia has not yet been achieved, largely because of the «delta» strain, which «goes out from under the vaccine». However, Professor of the Department of Virology of the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University Alexey Agranovsky, in an interview with Radio 1, said that it is quite possible to achieve collective immunity from severe forms of the disease.

«Collective immunity in the classical sense is a complete blocking of the spread of the virus, because there are a lot of vaccinated and ill people in the population. But «delta» partially «leaves» from under the vaccine and can cause mild forms of the disease in vaccinated people. And the virus continues to spread at the same time. So, in this situation, another form of collective immunity is possible: immunity from severe forms of the disease. This is possible», Agranovsky said.

He added that when such collective immunity is achieved, the virus will still continue to spread among the population, but it's symptoms will manifest themselves in a much milder form. Along with this, the lethality of the virus and its contagiousness will decrease, says Agranovsky. He stressed that such a result can be achieved only with the help of active vaccination of the population. According to Agranovsky, he personally easily suffered the «delta» after vaccination with Sputnik V.