OREANDA-NEWS. Virologist Konstantin Chumakov said that the version of the allegedly artificial origin of the omicron version of the coronavirus is conspiracy theory. He announced this on the air of "Echo of Moscow".

“It seems to me that when people talk about the artificial origin of this omicron, this is just pure conspiracy theories, and nothing more. It seems to me that this theory does not help anyone, ”the expert emphasized.

According to Chumakov, there is nothing unusual in the structure of the new omicron strain. The virologist drew attention to the fact that everyone knows about the nature of the origin of this strain.

“It was isolated from a person with AIDS, that is, the number of mutations is quite easily explained by the fact that a person does not have an immune system,” Chumakov said.

Earlier, the Vector Center published a photo of the omicron. Three images show cells of the human body, inside of which round particles of coronavirus with protein spikes are clearly visible.

Earlier, the director of Vector, Rinat Maksyutov, said that the center's specialists had identified four independent full-genome omicron strains. According to him, the strains were sequenced from two tourists who returned to Russia from Africa, who were reported by Rospotrebnadzor.

Also British doctor Laurence Young told how to distinguish omicron from a cold.