OREANDA-NEWS. Nornickel's Polar Transport Division shipped over one third of the coal planned for delivery to remote settlements of Taimyr. Vital cargo, supplied by the Company under the 'Northern Supply Haul' program, is transported by river barges and sea vessels to hard-to-reach Far North areas.

Company's annual cargo turnover exceeds 60 tons of the solid fuel. 'Polar Transport Division plans to ship 48 thousand tons of coal by river vessels to Taimyr settlements. So far, we delivered about 15 thousand tons of this amount. Sea vessels are supposed to transport 24 thousand tons of coal with 7 thousand tons of which has been delivered by now,' commented Andrew Trunov, Deputy Director of Polar Transport Division for Production. Coal is the principal energy source badly needed for villages, settlements and individual business in Far North areas of our country.

Coal transportation by river will be completed by the middle of September. Additionally, Polar Transport Division will deliver 3 thousand tons of miscellaneous goods to Khatanga settlement.